Custom computer and service

Photonware is the solution for gamer and professional.

We design, configure and build computer systems for maximum performance.

Optimized and personalized for any task.

Visit our store for one of our configured systems or request a personal offer via this form !

Photon systems

A unique design with a beautiful finish in glass and high-quality aluminum.

Equipped with the best hardware specially designed for you !

With their quiet and swift operation, our professional desktop computers are naturally at home on your desk.


For innovators and creative minds: workstations for complex data sets, virtualization, 3D designs, statistical calculations, CAD and CFD, film, video, photo and audio editing.

Or are you looking for a total solution? Server and / or cloud database?

Service and warranty

We only use the best parts and materials.

Quality is where we make the difference.

You get 5-years of warranty on our hardware.


Looking for a business partner to maintain, renew or design your website?

With our web design we use different elements to deliver a modern and stylish website.

We integrate mostly WordPress, because this is a very user-friendly platform for the end user.

Hosting & e-mail

Web space for your website. Register your own domain and keep web hosting and e-mail together.

In this way you will look even more professional. We also provide Office365.

Repair & Upgrades

Your computer is infected with a virus, your laptop no longer starts up or your internet connection is completely flat.

All unpleasant things that always occur at a bad time. Our technical department is happy to help you with all your problems. Do you wish to upgrade your system? We provide a fast and above all good solution!

Our pricelist

Nothing is faster than a PHOTON !

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